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The EnergyWise Academy Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates training course has been mapped 100% to the National Occupational Standards – NOS.


Have you ever felt that you’d like more knowledge on specific illnesses and conditions? Get a deeper understanding of 15 of the most common issues.


At The EnergyWise Academy you can be assured that we are a recognised training provider for one of the UK’s leading Awarding Organisation, namely Active IQ.


Would you love to become a tutor …but don’t know where to start?  Do you feel you are ready to move to the next level? It’s either that, or quit? Are you looking for some direction in your career?


The EnergyWise Academy announce their exciting and dynamic Personal Trainer training course taught by their team of talented and professional tutors, all of whom still work in the industry and are passionate about what they teach.


We are renowned for our down to earth, realistic approach when applying the theory of qualifications to existing practical skills. We know the fitness industry ‘inside out’ and also appreciate that it is forever changing and evolving.


Becoming an Indoor Cycling Instructor will give you lots of additional skills in building relationships with clients quite differently to working the gym floor.


Chair-based Exercise is a specialist qualification that will develop your knowledge, understanding and skills to effectively deliver exercise sessions.


7 short online CPD courses for fitness professionals, all in the form of e-Learning. Our exciting courses are delivered in short videos and quizzes …to ensure you understand each topic.

Why do we need qualifications?

The fitness industry is relatively young, in fact only twenty five years ago there were just a handful of recognised qualifications available and were mostly aimed at ‘Aerobics Instructors’. Personal Trainers were few and far between, and in the UK anybody could call themselves a fitness instructor or Personal Trainer, and they offered their clients training based on their own experience.

More than that, anybody could set themselves up as a training provider and if they looked the part and talked a good game people listened to what they had to say. The downside to this however, was that there was no standardisation and there could be quite a variety between instructors depending on where they learned to train.

More recently, SkillsActive who own and run the Register of Exercise Professionals have spent years gathering information from Technical Experts across the UK who all put their heads together and drew up nationally recognised qualification which would establish for once and for all what a qualified Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor/ Group Exercise Instructor etc should know and be capable of instructing. This panel of experts was formed with representatives drawn from various leading training organisations who joined forces temporarily to help shape the future of  the Health & Fitness Industry.

Across the UK and across all occupations for example Hairdressing, Hospitality, Retail, similar panels of experts set out what they believe to be the National Occupational Standards, otherwise known as the N.O.S. All National /Scottish Vocational Qualifications are based on such standards which are relevant to their specific industries and their occupations.

National Occupational Standards are made up of Units which vary according to the relevant qualification.

Each Unit comprises of Knowledge Requirements – this means “What you must know” and Elements – “What you must do” and “What you must cover”

Looking at the Personal Training qualification which is set at Level 3.  The requirement for labelling a Level 3 Qualification Course – “Level 3” guarantees the student candidate that the training provider has had to map the contents of its Student Training Manual to the National Occupational Standard and it has to map 100%.

This means that EVERY course that has Level 3 status MUST:

Cover all the required aspects with NO exceptions AND subsequently coach candidates on how to:

Provide evidence that the candidate:

  • Knows what they must know

Provide evidence that the candidate has:

  • Done what they must do

Provide evidence that the candidate has:

  • Covered what they must cover

In accordance with the National Occupational Standard as set by the panel of experts within the same industry.

The evidence that each candidate must provide in order to gain an endorsed qualification can be in a variety of forms including the following:

  • Written paper
  • Practical Examination
  • Case Study
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Role Play

Gaining a Level 3 qualification shows commitment, professionalism and a willingness to progress and is a demonstration that the Trainer/Instructor who has attained this level has proved they have reached the recognised National Occupational Standard.

Before the introduction of Level 3 Personal Training there was no industry standard and as a result there are a great number of qualified Personal Trainers teaching safe effective sessions yet without the status of Level 3. However in an effort to establish the benchmark with which to measure a Personal Trainer’s level of knowledge and expertise there is a drive to encourage these instructors to be the best they can be and gain the nationally recognised standard.

In theory this all sounds quite straightforward and is a definite improvement on what went before, however the system is not perfect and there can still be huge differences between PTs depending on where they trained and how much actual real-life experience their tutors have. Back in the old days, anybody could call themselves a tutor and frequently instructors and trainers who ‘looked the part’ were promoted to the position of tutor ….but rarely had any training in being able to pass on their knowledge. Many struggled to teach the theoretical component of the qualification which in turn meant their students may not have grasped the subject as well as they might. It is now essential for all tutors to have a qualification in Education and Training and it must be in the subject they are tutoring students. There is a skill to passing on knowledge to students ….learning needs  to take place… and this can only happen if the tutor is also well trained.

Having National Occupational Standards is a good starting point but is still a long way from ensuring that every Training Provider does a good job and resists the temptation to simply tick boxes and issue pieces of paper.

The EnergyWise Academy has gained an excellent  reputation for training their students to become excellent trainers and instructors and has experience and reality woven through it’s courses. There is no substitute for face to face teaching and learning and for this reason we steer clear of online learning when teaching such practical subjects.

Your clients deserve the best service and as a professional instructor with integrity there is an obligation to meet the national standard in order to be taken seriously by both your employers and peers alike. Personal satisfaction that you are a leader in your field will also be a factor.

Definition of Levels

Level 1

Level 1 is designed to provide an introduction to the health and fitness industry and applied basic exercise and fitness knowledge. The type of job they could lead to is an assistant fitness instructor. They are equivalent to Key Stage 4, Standard Grade/GCSE grades D-G or S/ NVQ 1. This level can be viewed as an apprenticeship, as the Level 1 instructor is not qualified to work in an unsupervised capacity.

Level 2

Level 2 is often referred to as ‘entry level’. Certain Level 2 qualifications (e.g. Certificate in Fitness Instructing) provide entry onto the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) at Level 2 and can lead to jobs as Gym Instructors or Aerobics teachers. Once qualified, many Level 2 qualifications offer routes into teaching different disciplines such as studio cycling, step and circuits. These are equivalent to GCSE grades A-C or S/NVQ 2.

Level 3

Level 3 is intended to provide an advanced level of exercise and fitness knowledge, these qualifications provide the basis for careers in Personal Training or Advanced Fitness Instructing, both of which ensure entry to REPs at Level 3. They also allow instructors to specialise in working with GP referred clients, older adults or ante and postnatal women. They are equivalent to A levels or S/NVQ 3.

APA – Accredited Prior Achievement or Learning

Now that all qualifications are made up of Units which in turn are written to National Occupational Standards, after you have attained a specific Unit within one qualification you should never have to repeat that Unit again.

The good news is that if you have successfully gained a unit and are planning to study another qualification the system of APA- Accredited Prior Achievement might enable you to carry the unit over to the next qualification. There is a time limit within which this is possible and it is may be possible to carry forward any unit which you have acquired in the last three years.

By the same token you may have a degree in Sports Science or similar which is based on a specific set of Units and while there will inevitably be a crossover of knowledge and also a greater depth of knowledge ….your degree may not have included some of the shorter practical Units contained in Level 2 or Level 3 qualifications. For this reason you may find that you are unable to register as a Personal Trainer on the REPs Register of Exercise Professionals.

The EnergyWise Academy offers a mapping service which identifies any gaps in your learning …almost always the practical subjects…and for a relatively small fee we can help you obtain the missing units and acquire a  Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

Email any queries on APA to info@energywiseacademy.co.uk and we will do our best to help you gain the recognition you require.

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