Do you have what it takes to be a tutor?

Level 3 Education and Training (E.A.T.)

Would you love to become a tutor …but don’t know where to start?

Do you feel you are ready to move to the next level? It’s either that …or quit?

Are you looking for some direction in your career?

Do you find yourself ‘mentoring’ newer/younger instructors/therapists?

Perhaps you feel you can’t keep ‘jumping around’/ treating clients at your age?

If you think you would like to teach new instructors and think you would enjoy the challenge …did you know there is a Level 3 Award which opens doors for you as a tutor?

The Award is E.A.T. (Education and Training) and replaces P.T.L.L.S.( Prepare to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector)

Attaining the Level 3 Award –  E.A.T. is a natural progression from actively teaching your  subject to members of the public …to teaching learners. It is also suitable for Therapists with years of practical hands-on experience and a string of qualifications …to formally pass on their knowledge.

Having a thorough understanding of the theorectical component of your subject as well as the practical element, plus a minimum of three years active relevant experience in that subject, is all you need to get started.

I believe that The EnergyWise Academy in Edinburgh are the leaders in delivering tutor training as we offer a realistic experience based on vast experience and thousands of contact hours with students in the private sector.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who would like to progress in their chosen career and become a tutor.

There comes a point in your career where you feel that you would really like to give back …and to offer new upcoming instructors the benefit of your wisdom. 

We all know that training courses are a great starting point …but they only cover the basics …and there is so much more to learn about this industry …stuff you won’t find in the text books. 

How is this course structured?

This course is usually completed Face to Face, however there is always scope to complete it via blended learning online if you live further afield.

If you would prefer to complete this course via blended learning, please call us on 0131 669 8888 to discuss.

The units in this qualification are listed below.

Learners must complete one mandatory unit (3 x credits) PLUS an additional 9 x credits from the optional units

(6 x credits from Group B and 3 x credits from Group C)

Mandatory Unit (Group A)

Unit #1. Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training ~ Level 3

3 x credits H/505/0053

Optional Units (Group B)

Unit #2. Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training ~ Level 3

6 x credits D/505/0052

Unit #3. Facilitate learning and development for individuals ~ Level 3

6 x credits J/502/9549

Unit #4. Facilitate learning and development in groups ~ Level 3

6 x credits F/502/9548

Optional Units (Group C)

Unit #5. Understanding assessment in education and training ~ Level 3

3 x credits R/505/0050

Unit #6. Understanding the principles and practices of assessment ~ Level 3

3 x credits D/601/5313  

Assessment of this qualification is via written worksheets and a fifteen minute  Micro-Teach session.

Why train with The EnergyWise Academy?

My name is  Fiona Brown and I have been in the health &  fitness industry for more than 30 years and have been a tutor/ teacher trainer for more than 20 years.  I have  worked in Scotland  for most of that time and when looking for staff in 2000 to help train my ever increasing client list in my Personal Trainer studio , I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of quality training courses north of the border.

When I opened my Pilates Studio in 2002 the situation was worse! It seemed the only way to obtain a quality Pilates qualification was to travel to London.  That was when I took the decision in 2003 to establish my own accredited training academy. After two long years during which I will admit I was on the steepest of learning curves The EnergyWise Academy was born in 2005.

There are very few, if any, training providers in Scotland who can claim to have taught Group Exercise classes for more than 20 years …trained more than 5,000 PT clients appointments over 11 years, building a team of Personal Trainers,  before selling the business to concentrate on building The EnergyWise Academy. Additionally teaching Mat Pilates classes and 1:1 Pilates for ten years, before writing their own REPs accredited Level 3 Mat Pilates qualification. ( I am staggered myself at the list of years ..if you add  them all together I should actually be 100 years old …but most of them happened simultaneously.)

Over the last fifteen years I have hand picked a select team of tutors and assessors all of whom are still active within the health &  fitness industry …each and every one of them are still out there, teaching classes to the public, something we are very proud of. With a collective 200 years experience in health & fitness.

We also know that what we teach on this training course dovetails perfectly with training Teachers and Therapists to teach their subject. The reason for this is that there is no practical element relating to any specific subject …it is all classroom based and focuses on the theory of teaching. So whatever your chosen field …we can teach you how to teach the theory to  your students. There is a definite skill to teaching ….it’s not enough to stand in front of a group of people and talk – LEARNING NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE! We walk our talk!

Since establishing The EnergyWise Academy as Scotland’s leading training provider we have a unique status in being the only training provider in this country who can offer all four of the current Level 3 Qualifications plus the full suite of Quality assurance qualifications.

Most providers either specialise in Fitness or Pilates …we do both and have recently added Yoga and Exercise Referral to our portfolio.

What else makes us exceptional? All of our Tutors and assessors are still actively teaching the general public on a daily basis. We walk  our talk …it’s not all about the theory from a textbook or manual. We have our own premises with dedicated classroom space …you’ll never have to sit on a floor while learning!

I am proud to have earned my title of T.E.G. or technical expert, having written the Level 3 Mat Pilates qualification for a major U.K. Awarding Body, reviewed their Personal Trainer qualification, Advanced Exercise to Music qualification and piloted their Ante/Post Natal Award along with contributing to their Level 2 Gym instructor manual. I have also been invited to numerous SkillsActive standardisation meetings for the development of all fitness qualifications to meet the NOS – National Occupational Standards.

During your training course you will obviously study the regular syllabus of the Level 3 E.A.T. Award …which we cover in great depth …however we have also added an invaluable component which illustrates the difference between teaching the general public and teaching your peers in your field.

Our reputation is second to none!

What is the pre-requisite?

All candidates are required to have industry standard recognised qualifications plus a minimum of three years active experience in the subject they plan to teach.

Communication skills and a passion for sharing your knowledge are also definite requirements.

How much does is cost?

Course fees; including all learning materials, assessments and certification: £595.
Minimum deposit £250 to secure your space.
Payment plans are available. Please call us on 0131 669 8888 to discuss.

When is the next course?

We have no dates at the moment as the candidates for training are few and far between. 

This course will be delivered via a blend of Face to Face tutorials and home study with our eLearning Portal.

Initially there will one Face to Face meeting. On this day you will be issued with your L.A.P.-  Learner Achievement Portfolio and relevant Text book.

You will be given guidance on how best to complete your L.A.P. and be taught the fundamental difference between teaching the general public and teaching student teachers.

We will also discuss how to access the eLearning Portal which contains the main body of the course material plus videos and questions to test your knowledge.

The next Face to Face would be arranged to suit you and your schedule during which we will revise your course work and carry out the assessment of your  Micro Teach session.

In the weeks in between your  face to face learning we offer regular contact from your tutor via email and potentially Skype/Zoom, in order to keep the momentum going and answer any questions you may have.

We aim to give you the best of both worlds by providing real live tutorials with an expert tutor PLUS the flexibility of home study.

We all lead busy lives and if you are working within the fitness/yoga industry you are probably working too many hours …scattered across the week …with not much time for yourself!

If you are interested in completing this course, please get in touch with us using the contact box below.

Where is this training course held?

The majority of our training courses are delivered at Queen Margaret University Sports Centre by our very own EnergyWise Academy tutors.  It makes sense to have all our training courses under one roof and the benefits are as follows:

  • Excellent parking with no restrictions
  • Lothian bus services right to the door
  • Musselburgh Train Station is on the campus …only 6 mins train ride from Waverley station
  • Starbucks coffee shop on site
  • Maggie’s Café/Bar on site serving snacks, breakfast, lunch & dinners
  • Potential overnight accommodation in student residence (subject to term/holidays)

If you are unsure of where the University is located I have a series of links to help you: Queen Margaret University Lothian Buses Train times and tickets – Musselburgh Station If you need any help whatsoever with your travel or accommodation plans …don’t hesitate to ask us by sending an email to

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