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You will probably have lots of questions swimming around. The best thing you can do now is call our Principal, Fiona Brown on 0131 669 8888 for the very best guidance on all things EnergyWise and also all about the fitness industry.

Here’s how it works:

Call or text Fiona now, arrange a suitable time to talk and then she will guide you on the best way to start or develop your fitness career at The EnergyWise Academy. Guaranteed practical advice, no hard-sell including whether any of our courses are right for you or not. That’s why we have become so successful and why our students are amongst the very best in the industry.

Below are some of the typical questions we get asked:

How do I get started ?

This depends on past experience and/or relevant qualifications. We have an access course for complete beginners to teaching and have a fantastic track record in launching them into successful careers in the fitness world.

Do I need to be fit ?

It certainly helps, however you do not need to be an advanced or elite athlete. As a trainer or instructor, the emphasis is on your ability to educate, inspire and train your client. Your ability to teach safely and with skill is far more important than  keeping up with your client or potentially intimidating your client. Of course. this will all depend on the type of client you plan to work with. You will need to have credibility as a fitness professional in whatever area you decide to work in.

Do I need to be ‘ripped’ to be a PT or skinny to teach fitness classes? 

Our PTs and instructors come in all shapes and sizes. They are inspirational because of their knowledge, their caring attitude and high levels of customer service, not because of their waist or biceps size!

What age? Am I too old ?

Our instructors age range stretches from 25 to 75. Yes, really! Each bring their own unique skills, talents and experiences to their clients/classes. Again…it depends on which area you want to work in . We believe that in order to be a credible Personal Trainer and charge a professional fee, you should have a fair amount of experience both in life and in the industry.

Do I need any formal qualifications?

No. These are mostly vocational qualifications – click to find out the best programme to start your training!


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