Affiliate FAQs

What training courses can I be an affiliate for?

This only applies to our Yoga & Pilates Level 3 Diplomas for now.

What is an affiliate?

It’s a person who recommends a product that they know to be of excellent value. Usually, though personal experience or through knowing the person who delivers the product. In our case, this product is a course.

Why recommend someone?

There are 3 top reasons you should recommend someone to train with The EnergyWise Academy:

  1. To help a person make a decision based on personal recommendation
  2. You will help the person for whom you are an affiliate to broaden their reach
  3. Make money to put towards your training OR spend as you wish!
Am I only sending to people who Iive in Edinburgh?

No! The people you send to could live on the other side of the country… you may have a friend/relative that you think would make an excellent teacher. Or randomly, you might not even know they would love to be a Pilates/Yoga teacher… that’s why we would like you to be an affiliate, because these people are not all sitting in one ‘place’ which makes targeting and marketing more difficult.

How much commission can I earn?

You can earn up to 20% commission on each student who books onto one of our courses, via clicking your unique link. There is no limit to how many students you recommend and in turn how much commission you make*.

*conditions apply

Is this for life? Or am I an affiliate for a certain period of time?

All of the above, only applies, whilst Fiona Brown is the owner of The EnergyWise Academy. In the event of different ownership, the affiliates and the new owner would need to create a new and separate agreement.

What if the student drops out mid-course/stops paying?

You’re guaranteed the commission from any fees paid to us. If the student is paying by instalments and they stop paying mid-way through a course, your commission will also stop.

How am I paid my commission?

All commission fees are paid via BACs transfer.

When will I be paid my commission?

To manage your expectations, this is what is likely to happen. Commission will not be paid until a course commences, for this reason, payment may take a few weeks to reach your account. Usually, your commission will be paid at the end of the month, following the month the student (your contact) makes payment. For example, if the student pays in September, your commission will be paid by the end of October. It is always good to know there is money in the pipeline.

What happens if a course if called off?

In the unlikely event that a course is cancelled, and a student requests a refund rather than transfer to another course, and you are expecting an affiliate payment, we will contact you to let you know. We hope this never happens.

Can anyone be an affiliate?

Being accepted as an affiliate is at the discretion of Fiona Brown.

If I stop being an affiliate, will I still earn commission from someone I have previously recommended?

Any affiliate payment that is initiated, will be seen through to the end.

Why would The EnergyWise Academy want to give me £500 for doing virtually nothing?

Turn that on it’s head, it’s not that we’re giving away money. It’s the money we’re receiving that we would never have got, if it wasn’t for you recommending us.

Who can I recommend to?

The key to being an affiliate is approaching people who know, like and trust you.

We all know word of mouth works best and the whole purpose of having an affiliate centre, is for us to be able to reach other people’s contacts. Any advertising of the course to unknown people will be done by The EnergyWise Academy as this is done for a different purpose and would be worded differently.

Where can I post online?

As above, the key to being an affiliate is approaching people who know, like and trust you.

For this reason, please stick to posting on any of your own social media accounts, sharing in groups that you are allowed to share in and you are known in. Please respect the rules of any group you post in.

What if I don’t have an email list?

We’re tempted just to write get one! But we realise that not everyone has one. However, if you are running your own small business, the easiest way to contact your customers again and again is via an email list. This is a list of people who have given you permission to email them, and are considered in marketing terms to be warm contacts rather than cold. These people know, like and trust you already.

Relying only on platforms such as Facebook for contacting your clients is risky in the extreme as they can change the rules at any time and overnight, your contacts could just disappear. Anyone remember Bebo? So, having an email list is crucial in today’s world.

P.S. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us. We want to make it easy for you to promote us.

If you’re not in business, you can still use the email template but this would be targeted and sent to specific people who you actually know.

These FAQs will be regularly updated as this a new venture for all of us.