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The EnergyWise Academy is at the forefront of the UK fitness industry.

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For over 19 years, we have been training people to an incredibly high standard, and we are the leading privately-owned training provider in Fitness & Pilates

Change of direction due to Covid-19 pandemic

Everything has changed.

We realise that nothing is the same.

In this weird world that we now inhabit we have decided to press PAUSE on all our regular qualifications.

Instead …we are offering help with the practical aspect of running your business. Whether you teach a couple of classes a week or have a full time business …we have something for everybody.

In the past we have built a reputation for always offering a first class venue to deliver our training courses. In comfortable surroundings with desks and chairs – we don’t think it’s acceptable to ask you to sit on the floor – and expect you to learn! We also believe that attempting to learn your craft via a computer dilutes your training.

Admittedly there are some aspects of a course which can be learned in an online  classroom. But when it comes to the practical element there is NO substitute for face to face training. Which is why we refuse to take your money and offer sub-standard training.

In September 2020 our Principal Fiona Brown decided it was time to share the benefit of her 30 years experience working in this industry.

Over the years she has taught classes, trained PT clients, owned studios, employed staff, fired clients, trained more than 350 Pilates Instructors and helped each of them set up their own micro-business.

Along the way … on a personal level …she has dealt with spinal surgery, life changing illness, suffered broken bones from two accidents and still kept going! In other words she has a wealth of knowledge in how to cope with difficult situations and how to be more resilient.

Like everyone she has had her own experience of working in 2020 and all that this entailed.

As a result of gyms and studios in Scotland being closed for six months she decided to pivot her attention and focus on helping past and future students to build their business skills. 

If you become too busy working IN your business …it will suffer. 

Now …more than ever is the time to work ON your business. 

There are a variety of offerings to help you thrive and not simply survive. Some free and others at a reasonable cost. 

Check out her products here : https://theenergywiseacademy.vipmembervault.com

Guaranteed practical advice

No hard-sell including whether any of our courses are right for you or not.

Courses aimed at the business of fitness

If you’re looking to keep your business afloat, we can help you!

Mentoring calls with 100% individual attention

This is for you regardless of your experience

Where To Start?

It depends on where you are at …right now!

There is a FREE 5 Day Challenge to boost your confidence –

A short mini-course to Help you Zoom Ahead with your Online Classes 

An amazing 30 Day course – Tier-Proof Business Bootcamp 

One hour Mentoring Call to help you get unstuck and stop going round in circles

And a couple of freebies to help you be more productive.

To find out more – click on the bold text describing the service that appeals to you. 

Keep your chin up!

You are doing an amazing job!



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