Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga

Not all Yoga training courses are created equal! There are a huge variety of training schools and teachers out there.

At The EnergyWise Academy you can be assured that we are a recognised training provider for one of the UK’s leading Awarding Organisation, namely Active IQ.

Our courses are all rigorously internally and externally verified and are based on the most up to date National Occupational Standards – NOS. We have exactly the same standing as any, or indeed all, Higher Education colleges across the U.K. and our Tutors and Assessors either have, or are currently working towards, a recognised tutoring qualification.

Our tutors have specialist qualifications according to the subject they are teaching, however the art of passing on knowledge and teaching skills is a common thread throughout the academy with a collective 200 years practical experience between us.

We know this sets us apart from many training providers and our reputation for also teaching Mat Pilates instructors and Fitness Professionals is second to none. You know you are in safe hands.

Instructors who gain a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (QCF) qualification show commitment, professionalism and a willingness to progress and a clear demonstration that they have exceeded the National Occupational Standard.

Who is this course for?

If Yoga is something you’ve often thought you’d like to teach, then we know this is the ideal course for you.

You will be expected to have a history of self practice BUT you are not expected to be able to perform seriously advanced moves.

Your ability to perform is not what makes you a fabulous teacher.

We have built our reputation on training teachers to teach …not just simply demonstrate!

Who is the Tutor?

Your Tutor
Megan Macgregor has been a Yoga and Pilates practitioner for more than 17 years. She has recently returned from Sydney, Australia to her hometown of Glasgow and we are fortunate to have secured her skills to work with The EnergyWise Academy.

In her own words:

“My Yoga mat has provided me with a consistently stable base during many challenging times in my life.

Yoga and Pilates have been the foundations of self-awareness, self-confidence for me and have provided me a grounded realisation of my place on earth as well as helping me create two beautiful children.

Being a teacher allows me to help other people in their steps towards building the foundations of their own practice. In turn, the energy that I get from teaching gives me vitality and the desire to continue learning and evolving myself.”

Megan qualified as a Yoga teacher and a Pilates instructor (Mat/Reformer and Studio Pilates) through Tiaki Pilates and Yoga Wellington, New Zealand in 2011 and has completed post-qualification training in pre-natal/post-natal Pilates at Elixir in Sydney Australia plus Yoga for Kids and Families with Rainbow Kids Yoga.

She has also studied with Ana Forrest, Darren Rhodes, Sadie Nardini, Simon Park,  Sarah Owens, Don Peers and most recently with BodyMindLife’s Noelle Connolly and Vicki Smart.  In 2016 she completed her comprehensive Rehabilitation/Studio Pilates Certification with Polestar Pilates Australia and has continued to learn from internationally respected Pilates teachers including Courtney Miller, Olga Tamara, Blossom Leilani Crawford and Kathi Ross-Nash.

She  believes that most of us forget how to listen to our bodies. Instead we inflict on our bodies what our minds think our bodies need.

For many of us this includes punishing workouts, restrictive diets, frequent rehabilitation.

It is possible to learn to listen to the internal conversation between body and mind. Very often this comes from learning how to move freely, differently and without pain.

As a teacher, her goal is to make her clients stronger but not in an external sense, like the creation of traditional gym hard body sense. They learn to work from the inside and move in ways that they never believed possible.

The key to moving in this way is in tapping into breath and creating improved biomechanical and anatomical movement patterns.

She invites her clients to experience what it is like to connect to their senses, find their inner teacher and move comfortably in their own skin.  Most wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

Megan comes highly recommended by another of our Tutors.
“Not only is she hugely knowledgeable …she is an awesome teacher. Feedback from classes is always superb and consistently brilliant.

Any student of Megan’s can expect to be nurtured and supported throughout their course. She has a kind and honest vibe which is immediately apparent the minute you meet her. I strongly recommend Megan as a Tutor” – April Logan

How is this course structured?

To attain this qualification you must successfully complete all of the five Units in their entirety including all mandatory practical observations and written worksheets. Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (QCF) comprises five units as determined by the National Occupational Standards.

These units are subsequently divided into components, which are completed over one year.

  • Underpinning principles of teaching Yoga (L/503/2581)
  • Anatomy and physiology for Yoga (F/503/2580)
  • Planning a series of Yoga sessions (J/503/2581)
  • Health and safety for Yoga (L/503/2582)
  • Teaching a Yoga session (R/503/2583)

Home learning tasks will be given out throughout the course, the combination of which will make up your 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training.

Upon successful completion you will receive an Active IQ Level 3 Diploma allowing you to teach Hatha Yoga. This is just the beginning.  As a member of The EnergyWise Academy ‘family’ you will be invited to subsequent CPD – Continual Professional Development Days not only on the subject of Yoga but also Teaching Skills, Building a Business and Social Media training.

Additionally, throughout the course, you will receive practical business advice including how to set up classes and how much to charge… we’ve taught hundreds of student teachers just like you and have vast experience of these practical aspects.

Far more than any teaching manual or textbook!

What is the pre-requisite?

In order to join this training course a background in attending Yoga classes is essential, alternatively you may have built your self-practice at home.

We’re happy with wherever you gained your experience and don’t  expect you to have only attended one specific type or school of Yoga, nor do we expect you to have evidence of how many classes you have attended.

We like to  trust that our students will be truthful and authentic. It would soon become obvious if you have no experience of Yoga …besides …why would you lie?

If anything…we’ve found that people are more likely to downplay their ability than exaggerate it. It’s called being human.

Don’t forget, the year you spend training will immerse you in the practices of Yoga and build on your existing ability.
There are deliberate  gaps in the training weekends to allow time to attend classes, self-practice and gradually build up your knowledge and ability.

How much does it cost?

The full cost of this Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga is £2,500

We also offer an easy payment plan to suit your budget and accept Credit/Debit Card payments.

Next step? Check out the pre-requisites then fill in the Contact Form including your phone number and the best time for us to call you.

What happens after that? We will do our best to reply to you within 24 hours.

Please be assured …we do not employ high-pressure sales people. we want you to want to join our course and we believe it’s not in anybody’s best interest to try to badger somebody into joining a course that is not a perfect fit for them …or us!

Maximum of eight students per course…only 4 spaces remaining  …don’t miss out!

When is the next course?

Our next course starts in June 2017:

Module #1 – 28th & 29th October 2017

Module #2 – 11th & 12th November 2017

Module #3 – 16th & 17th December 2017

Module #4 – 13th & 14th January 2018

Module #5 –  24th & 25th February 2018

Module #6 – 24th & 25th March 2018

Module #7 – 21st & 22nd April 2018

Module #8 – 26th & 27th May 2018

Module #9 – 23rd & 24th June 2018

Module #10/ Exam  – 21st & 22nd July 2018


Each day is representative of 8 hours, 9.30am – 5.30pm and will be a mixture of theoretical and practical tuition.


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